10 Things to Get Excited for as Summer Ends

TECHNICALLY, you've still got about 3 more weeks to enjoy everyone's favorite time of the year, but we all know it gets a BIT depressing when summer finally ends. DON'T PANIC. There's still A LOT to be excited for as autumn approaches. Yeah yeah, we know your summer fling is wanting to get serious and you're not having it. Your AC has been non-existent for the past eternity. Your favorite TV show just had its season finale, and the combination of insects, allergies, and lack of sleep is having you feeling like a borderline mutant. We get it. It's not all perfect. What we do know is that the beach has been extremely good to you. The bikinis. The tans. The new shades and no school? Concerts, pool parties, cookouts, camping, bonfires, ICE CREAM!? Who doesn't love ice cream. All coming to an end. Well, you're in luck.

Here are the top 10 Things to Get Excited for as Summer Ends:

10. Daylight Saving Time


Ok, maybe minor now, but that first early morning when you wake up and realize you have the ability to go back to bed without any consequences is second to none. If that extra hour doesn't have your body feeling like a superhero when you finally get up, we don't know what will.

9. 'Tis the Season


It's never too early to start putting up the Christmas lights, right? Or is the problem when people take too long to take them down? We can never remember. Regardless, there's something always about the holiday season that puts everyone in the joyful-giving mood. We're all for it.

8. All Pumpkin Everything


We're talkin' pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pies, pumpkin patches, ... hell ... even pumpkin flavored Oreos. If you've never been a big pumpkin fan, take some time this fall, carve one or two out, place a couple at your front door, and live a little. Can't go wrong with a little pumpkin in your life.

7. Thanksgiving


A little premature? We don't think so. If Christmas is on its way, then Thanksgiving deserves a spot on this list too. There's so much to be thankful for on a daily basis, but there's nothing like good food, friends, and most importantly, family on a day like Thanksgiving.

6. Halloween Around Da Way!

Dressing up as whatever you want and candy for days!? So no more fam.

5. Ideal Weather


Not too hot. Not too cold. But just right. Now we all have access to the other half of our closets.

4. Fall Fashion


Speaking of the "other half of our closets," the fall also brings out some of the best outfits in the business. Pea coats, Kenneth Cole's, heels, ... and who can't get enough ... leggings? But of course. Look good, feel good. Fall fashion is second to none.



Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Peter Darker and co. doesn't really have the luxury of seeing the seasons change quite like the other areas of the country do. We're well aware however of how awesome the leaves are. There's something about stepping on a crunchy leaf, and seeing the colors on the trees change. The leaves are almost like the unofficial sign of the official change in seasons. Gotta love it.

2. College Football


The road to the BCS Championship starts now. Whether you're a fan of a team out west, the ACC, the SEC, or a mid-major school, nothing brings out the pride in you like College GameDay. Your alma mater deserves this side of you.

1. "They Sayin' Football BACK!"


The real joy lies in the NFL season. Week 1 of 17 kicks off and it feels like Christmas Eve all over again.

The end is near boys and girls, but best believe, good times lie ahead. Stay safe out there and we'll catch you next time.