Peter Darker: How Much Should You Spend on a New Website?

Starting your own business can be tricky. Where do you even start? How much should you even invest? How effective is social media marketing really? Hitting almost every avenue of marketing is essential to getting the correct eyes on your brand, but having a legit website is critical. A professional website gives your audience more confidence in your brand, and gives you more credibility as a promising company. Built correctly, it can also boost your chances of popping up higher in popular search engines (ie. Google and Bing). So how much should you pay for a new website?

Here at Peter Darker, we help entrepreneurs of all shapes, sizes, and ages get the most out of graphic design, digital marketing, SEO, and more. We take the most pride however in web development. There are thousands of companies that offer web services, so what sets us apart? It's our attention to detail for everyone we work with individually. Every business is different; with different needs and different wants. A company like Nike is not going to have the same needs as the mom & pop shop on the corner of the block. Depending on your budget, here are some key go-to tidbits you should know before paying for your first website:

Rookie Mode (Budget = Free.99 to $1,000)

This is where Peter Darker can help. Get the most bang for your buck. Whether you need help designing your site based off of a template, a similar idea from another one of your favorite websites, or starting with a blank canvas, you can get a quality website that speaks to your exact needs and goals. Work closely with us. How many pages are you looking to have? How much content? Are you selling anything? You can get a great website with all these questions answered, executed, and much more. 

Mid-Range-Game (Budget = $1,000 to $5,000)

Normally, this is where you can purchase a new custom website for a low upfront cost, but expect monthly fees throughout the year that eat up your budget. 

Money Ain't a Problem (Budget = $5,000 and up)

Unless your company is Oscorp or Wayne Enterprises, we don't recommend spending this much annually on your website. If you're used to throwing money in the air however, and not caring particularly where it lands, hiring a creative agency to design your website is the way to go. Stand out from your competition and expect the best of the best in lead generation and website conversions.

Don't be afraid to get started. Contact Peter Darker today.

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