Editor's Choice: Top 5 Desserts of All-Time

We here at Peter Darker love a lot of things: football, hip-hop, comics, even an occasional TV series worth binge watching. But the one thing that may top them all is our love for desserts! From ice cream to pie, cookies to cake, our sweet tooth is forever yearning for something sugary and tasty. So sit back. Grab a napkin to keep the drool from running down your chin, and check out our Editor's Choice: Top 5 Desserts of All-Time:

Honorable Mention - Ben & Jerry's and Häagen-Dazs

We have no shame in going to the grocery store or maybe the local 7-Eleven, picking up a pint (or 2) of some Ben & Jerry's, and downing the whole thing like our life depended on it. Häagen-Dazs is a close second. It's really splitting hairs. We'll call them 1A and 1B. If you've got no plans on a Friday or Saturday night, we guarantee this ice cream is better than any real date you could ever have.


5. Cinnaholic (San Diego, CA)

Move over Cinnabon. There's a new cinnamon roll utopia located in San Diego, CA. Not only do these hot cross buns come fresh out of the oven directly into your mouth, they come with a plethora of different flavor icings and a number of different tasty toppings. It's pretty much your favorite cinnamon roll on steroids. Say you want marshmallow icing with graham cracker pieces and chocolate syrup drizzled on top? Yeah. Cinnaholic's got that. And the choices are endless. If you're ever in doubt, cookies & cream never fails either. Check this place out!


4. Homemade Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Oreo

If baked ever so perfectly, it's been said that this homemade stuffed chocolate chip cookie with Oreo can lead to orgasms of the mouth and belly. All you need is an oven and a lack of patience. The sooner you take these bad boys out, the yummier. (We recommend using Nestle's Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies).


3. Baked Bear (San Diego, CA)

Our favorite spot in all of Southern California, Baked Bear is the ice cream cookie sandwich capital ... of the world. Choose any flavored ice cream, and smother it between two freshly baked cookies and/or brownies. Come prepared to wait however. These sandwiches are so good that there's always a line. Line so long, it looks like people are standing in line for the club. Worth the wait though, trust us.


2. E-Legal - Bareback Bar & Grill (San Diego, CA)

The name speaks for itself. This dessert really should be illegal how good it is. If you're a pizookie fan, this one tops them all. Served in a piping hot breakfast skillet, enjoy a warm half baked chocolate chip cookie with French vanilla ice cream mounted on top. It's the perfect blend of hot and cold, soft and chewy, delicious and more delicious. Bareback Bar & Grill San Diego for the win.


1. Oreo

The true GOAT needs no introduction. From S'Mores, to Reese's, Golden to Birthday Cake, Oreo is the ultimate go-to as the top Editor's Choice: Top 5 Desserts of All-Time.

~ Happy birthday, Clyde Wallace Sr! ~