Peter Darker: Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

We've all got 'em. Either it's another year of procrastination, or this is finally the year we knock out our New Year's Resolutions. Or, at least 1 or 2 of them. It's crazy to believe January 2018 has almost already come to an end, but that doesn't mean we should forget the pact(s) we made to ourselves at the very beginning of the year.

Today, let's take a look at Peter Darker's Top 10 New Year's Resolutions around the world, and ways we can all hold each other accountable to execute them to perfection. 

10. Go on More Dates

This applies whether you're single or in a relationship. Keep things interesting with your loved one. Spoil them. Surprise them. Make time for more one-on-one time with your significant other. Doesn't have to be a fancy restaurant every time either. And if you're single, get out and mingle. Grab more numbers. Put yourself out there because the worst thing they can say is 'no.' Not as scary as it sounds.

9. New Hobby / Learn Something New

Add to your already spectacular resume. Now's the time to finally learn that new language, pick up the cookbook and prepare a new recipe, learn how to change a tire, or even learn to defend yourself in combat. These types of things don't just benefit you, but those around you as well. 

8. Read More Books

With Amazon, podcasts, and everything pretty much online now and days, there's been no easier time to get access to a good book. It's surprising libraries aren't obsolete right now, but even those are still around. It's time to pick up that book you've been meaning to for quite some time now and get to reading!

7. Cut Down the Alcohol / Quit Cigarettes

In today's society, this should probably be number 1. All of us of age (and underage) have been affected in some way, shape or form by 1 of the 2, if not both. Whether it's led to belligerent behavior, disease, even avoidable dents in the bank account, these two habits shouldn't be ignored any longer. 

6. More Family Time

It's God first, then family over everything else. #FOE. Write that down. If you haven't been finding the time to reach out to your family and those closet to you, you need to reevaluate your life. If there's some unfinished beef between you and a certain family member or relative, now's the time to squash it. Life's too short.

5. Pursue Passion

This could be something as simple as quitting that 9-5 you hate and vent about every day of your life, and finally putting your energy into that passion you ever so covet but have kept parked on standby for so long for some reason. What are you waiting for?

4. Save More Money

I think we can all agree, more than calculus, more than getting rejected, the hardest thing to do in this world ... is save money. We have to remember that when we see something "on sale," we're not really "saving" money. We're still spending. If we were saving, no money would be leaving our pockets in the first place. Let's get those Excel budgeting spreadsheets out and finally make an effort to put our extra money to the side for a rainy day, future house deposit, new car, or even a savings account for our children. It's not going to start itself.

3. Improve Diet / Eat Better

Meal prepping seems to have taken over the entire universe at this point, and that's not a bad thing. Whatever makes it easier to finally get a better diet for yourself, we're all for it. It's time to cut down on the desserts, the carbs, and establish some self-restraint, no matter what your method might be. Nobody said it'd be easy, but your body will thank you.

2. Exercise More

So you don't want to deal with the hassle of going to the gym every day - fair enough. Even if that's not your first choice, throw on your leggings and try running outside, push ups and sit ups at home, hell, even taking the stairs over the elevator. Put time aside every day, even if it's just 20-30 minutes to whip yourself back into shape. Slowly but surely, combined with an improved diet, you're guaranteed to start seeing results sooner than later.

1. Lose Weight

3 + 2 = 1. It's simple math. You improve your diet and finally start working out again, you'll be surprised how quickly you'll start to see the lb's drop off your body. It's time to be the best version of yourself - mentally and physically. It's not too late to get a headstart in 2018. Let's do this! - Together!