Local StartUp Love for Nomarama VA

Here at Peter Darker, we LOVE recognizing small businesses. Virginia's very own, "Nomarama" is a grassroots organization with an emphasis on local love.

"Our goal is to share our passion for small business with our friends and family. We offer you assistance from start to finish for an event. This includes planning, marketing, promotion, as well as support throughout the day – so you can focus on what matters most, the people! We specialize in working alongside restaurants, breweries, or even local chefs. Here at Nomarama, we understand that running a well-oiled machine is a full-time task, so that’s where we step in!" - https://www.nomarama.org/about

Late February 2018, Nomarama released their teaser video of their upcoming web series that is "about the people, for the people, by the people... and food of course!" Watch the trailer below:

For more information on Nomarama, visit them here: https://www.nomarama.org/

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