Top 7 Reasons Why You Might Want to Re-Design Your Website

You've been avoiding the inevitable. Maybe you've been too busy, don't have the budget right now, or maybe you might even think nothing is wrong. But it's finally time to consider these Top 7 Reasons Why You Might Want to Re-Design Your Website:

1. Looks Outdated

If your site looks like it was done in the 1990's (maybe it was), that's a pretty clear indicator that it's time for an upgrade. You need a modern-looking site that's visually appealing to your user or customer.

2. Mobile-Friendly

A lot of websites have the ability to be viewed on a mobile device; as they should be seeing as how 70% of people online are actually on their mobile phones or iPads as opposed to a desktop. If your site isn't mobile-friendly, you may be losing out on significant business.

3. Bad User Experience / Hard to Navigate

Nothing is more frustrating than a non-responsive or confusing website. Weekly checks to make sure all of your call-to-action buttons are still functional is always recommended. If this is an on-going issue with your website, it might be time to consider something that's a bit more user-friendly.

4. Does Not Reflect Your Current Business Plan

A person or brand's business plan is forever changing. Whether it's improving, or simply changing direction or vision, it's important for your website to always reflect the same. If it doesn't, you could be sending the wrong message to your user or customer.

5. Website Speed

If it's been 5-10 seconds after you initially open your site, and you're still not able to see anything because certain images or videos are still loading, your bounce rate is probably a lot higher than you think. Make sure this isn't the case or you'll find yourself seeing your users or customers on a competitor's much faster-loading website.

6. Not Getting the Results You Want / Lack of Conversions

You know it's time for a change when you're not seeing the results you want after the user finds themselves on your landing page. Maybe it's price, but if the numbers are lower than expected for an extended period of time, what really do you have to lose?

7. Competitor Re-Designs

Do a little research. How are your competitor sites looking? If they've got a leg-up on you, it's time to get with it. Don't let your competitors take your business simply because of a lack of an outdated website.

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