Happy Birthday, Peter Darker!

With a combination of a previous unhappy work-life balance, a growing side passion for basic web design, and the indescribable gratefulness for a very special group of friends, it was exactly this time last year the origin of Peter Darker was born.

We're proud to announce that just within one year, we've been able to establish an LLC, a legal business license through the city of San Diego, California,  nine published websites from scratch, and assisted with the maintenance and development of several others. We help social media manage 12 brands and counting, and are excited to announce that we hope to be officially trademarked by the end of the year. 

Our official launch date was January 2018, but as you can see, this project has been in the works for much longer than that. We're grateful for everyone who has been apart of this process and we look forward to continuing to help those looking to build a stunning new website! 

Contact Brandon at b-wall@peterdarker.com for any questions, and here's to another year!!

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